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Atlanta Gas Line Repair

If you have natural gas in your home you have to be aware gas line leaks are a possibility. If the gas line is leaking you can’t afford not to take care of it right away. Leaking gas can make your family members, neighbors, or pets sick. The gas can also build up until it explodes. Got a gas line emergency? Call us—we’ll get to you ASAP.


Gas Line Repairs






Code Upgrades

How do you know there might be a problem with your gas lines? Often, the tell-tale “rotten egg” smell is a homeowner’s first clue something has gone wrong. Shut off the gas valves, get everyone out of the home, and call us. We’ll walk you through additional safety steps and get someone out to you right away.

Your senses can help you
detect if there is a gas leak.

Gas Leak Repair Atlanta - Gas Line Repair

Repair Without Destruction

Gas line leaks can happen indoors or outdoors. When they happen outdoors we use a trenchless gas line repair method. This allows us to complete the repairs without digging up your entire yard or damaging your landscaping. It’s convenient and cost-effective. Many plumbing companies don’t have the tools or training to offer these sorts of repairs, but Ridgeway Mechanical does. Top technology, courteous staff members and 35 years of experience—all great reasons why you should trust Ridgeway Mechanical with all your gas line needs.

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