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Atlanta Garbage Disposal Install

A broken garbage disposal isn’t just an inconvenience. It’s a real plumbing problem which can cause a backed up sink or dishwasher, making it impossible to clean your kitchen until the issue is dealt with. We never realize how important this piece of equipment is to our kitchens until something goes wrong.

Sometimes you can fix the problem yourself by reaching in and digging out whatever is blocking the blades. Garbage disposals often stop working when spoons, corn skewers, and other small objects slip into the system. They can also clog up when food waste the disposal is not meant to handle enters the system, such as potato skins, pasta, or grease. Often, you can dig these products out and restart the system. If you can’t, however, you may well need a plumber to address a deeper problem.

Need a new garbage disposal for your new home? Call us! We’ll help you out. Be sure to ask us about our other installation services, especially if you’re building your home from the ground up.

We repair all garbage disposal issues, including:


Broken or Dulled Blades

Humming Sound

Failure To Power On

Garbage Disposal Installation Atlanta - Garbage Disposal

We Know When It’s Time To Replace or Repair

Occasionally, our customers will require a full replacement or new installation. If your blades are damaged, for example, a new garbage disposal is usually the right answer. However, our technicians will never recommend a replacement unless the replacement truly is the right choice.

Remember, calling Ridgeway Mechanical is the fast, easy way to make garbage disposal problems a thing of the past. Our techs will even tell you how to keep your garbage disposal in good working order in the future by telling you what the machine is and is not equipped to handle. We care about educating you so that all of the areas of your home’s plumbing continue to run smoothly.